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SalesBlox makes marketing SIMPLE and MEASURABLE. In under one minute you can list your product/service and start generating sales.

SalesBlox automatically generates a custom web page for you based on your product/service, then generates Facebook and Instagram ads targeting your potential customers. When your customers see your product/service they can then claim the product/service and redeem it in person, offline. SalesBlox measures your product/service performance and sends you automatic reports based on the number of sales your products/services are capturing.

Product/Service Page

Automatically create a web page that provides information about your product or service and enable your customers to claim them in a quick and simple manner.

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Ads

Reach potential customers in your target market with ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Stop wasting money on clicks and start generating actual customers that have a direct impact on your business.


FINALLY! Marketing that reaches customers and generates actual measurable sales. Stop wasting money on advertising that only generates meaningless clicks and impressions.


Simple tools and simple pricing. Pay as you go, or subscribe and save.

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