What do I have to do?

We try to keep things simple. You simply have to create an offer for each product or service you want to sell, then we do the rest. Sit back and wait for customers to claim your offers (and then we'll send a notification).

How does offer redemption work?

Customers who claim your offers will receive a QR Code. They can then bring that code to you or send to you. When you scan it (with any available QR reader) it will register that customers claimed offer as "Redeemed". (Note: the QR reader will open a page and you'll have to login and then it will set the claim as redeemed).

How do I get paid?

We DO NOT take any cut of your sales. Your sales are your sales. So we allow the customers who claim your offers to pay in the method that you desire. We are creating a new crypto-token that will be an option for quick and secure payments, but you'll never be forced to accept it AND you'll only receive cash!

How do you get paid?

We charge for monthly access or per offer. (During the beta, it's all free! (Thanks for helping us optimize the system!).